Fola’s Carrot oil – 100ml

Seller: Folashayo Olatunbosun


Fola’s premium quality carrot oil is locally processed from garden-fresh carrots. It is packed with numerous benefits for your hair and skin. Its non-greasy texture, balances body oils and makes it suitable for all skin types. With a regular use of our carrot oil, you can say goodbye to acne, dark spots, wrinkles, dull flaky skin, and discolorations within few days of usage. Fola carrot oil, gives you an even tone, natural, glowing and radiant skin, while it also protects your skin from harmful sun rays. Order your premium quality carrot oil on AjéMart at very affordable prices and quantity.

Minimum order: 5 Pieces

Location: Osogbo


Sold By: Folashayo Olatunbosun

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